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Breavement Its Not the End

Thank you Lord for allowing their paths to cross, thank you for the times shared. Thank you for the gift of Friendship that was able to transcend realms, regions and dominions. I will miss my friend on the remainder of my journey, but I know that we shall meet again... Love Always...

Take God With You Daily

The Word of God is the Breakfast of Champions! Don't forget to fortify your spirit. Your life depends upon it daily!

Warning, Stay Alert!

Don't let someone's spiritual blindness and or ignorance cause you to step out of Christ like character. Once actions are displayed or words are released, you cant get them back. Satan comes to Kill, Steel, and Destroy. Breathe, step back, remember who and whose you are, who will get the glory out of your next course of action (God or satan) exhale, breathe in slowly, then get back in line.

Mid Day Thought

If we really stopped and took the time to give God what was due to Him, I don't think we could you handle God giving us all that's due us. If a natural father (being sinful, clay, and nothing without God) could give good things to his earthly son/daughter, How much More The Father of All Fathers, our Father in Heaven. Based on Luke 11:11-13
Salvation is a participating sport. Lets all Get in the Game.

Lets Not Forget

We who are spiritual have no right to look down on those who aren't. If we cant be a blessing or an example for them to follow, we have failed to show those in darkness Jesus. He hates the sins and actions that are contrary to his Word, but loves the sinner or the Saint, we haven't arrived. We cant negate to show sinners the love Jesus's life death and resurrection afforded us. Lets never forget where we've come from we all have sinned and fallen short, but its only by the grace and mercies of God that we are no longer walking in darkness. He chose us, we didn't choose Him. Someone lifted up the name of Jesus to us many times when we were enjoying the world, we didn't come in right away. Bless those who did. However Salvation is a process. One Waters, One Plants, but God gives the increase. Love Never surrenders...Love never fails but always prevails. Love others even if it hurts. Show them Christ.

Jesus at the Center of Our All

Someone tonight is in the midst of adversity, be it external, internal or a combination of both. Know that God is with you. Sometimes things don't go as planned, remember God has the blueprint, He shall bring you to His expected end. Trouble don't last always, weeping may endure for a night, but joy does come in the morning. When we face personal trials and struggles, we must know who to lean on. Jesus is the Center of our Joy, He is the Center of our all. In spite of what the Dr. has said, In spite of the loss of someone near and dear to us, in spite of the lack of employment, housing, health, etc. things that perish after time. Jesus is with us, God Emmanuel is with us. He is a ever present help and source of strength in the time of trouble. Through the pain, through the struggle, know that we are never alone. God will send others to help us along the way, to help us over the rough spots, to offer us shade and comfort along the way. He will give you new insights and new perceptions to understand where we are at this point of the journey, and yes, He will breathe afresh upon us. He will give us the portion needed for that very day. Morning by Morning New Mercies we shall see. Thank God in spite of it all, for Jesus is faithful and remains at the center of our all.

Oct 6 Quote of the Week

You cant move forward in anything looking back at what you've come out of... You cant expect new results, practicing old patterns. If you have to look back, allow it to be as a stepping stone or motivator to leap forward. When we keep old mindsets, they carry over into what ever new things God is trying to do or bless you with. Its not worth it. Move it forward and Pay it forward.

To Live is Christ and to Die is Gain

To Live is Christ and to die is gain

For those of us who are on this journey called salvation, the process is what makes us into the likeness of Gods image. The process is what kills and puts our flesh under subjection, however we are the ones, through the help of God the ones that have to crucify our flesh. There are things that we just have to lay down on our own, and sometimes, in this play of life, God will allow other characters to help in the process. If you have a problem in your flesh... (WE ALL DO!

Dont Impress Me, Impact Me

"Impressions fade but by making an impact in my life, I am forever changed and blessed by our experience. Be it friendship or other, our meeting has made me a better person. That's Priceless. Iron Sharpens Iron"

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