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In my 24 years of experience of walking with the Lord, I've come to humbly realize that when one respects you or more so the God in you, there are certain things one just wont say or do. All because one recognizes that they are in the presence of a Holy God, and precious cargo is being transported from place to place within us. We are many members but one body. The Jesus in me loves the Jesus in you, its so easy... really means, we are one, we are on the same team, so to come against you would be self defeating.
I wont call you out of your name because I recognize that God is in you, and you are carrying precious cargo, I wont raise my hand to you because what I do to whom I consider the least, I'm doing unto the Lord you are carrying precious cargo. I wont talk to you just any kind of way because Jesus laid his life down for you. You are precious to God, and you are carrying precious cargo. I will have to give an account for my actions, you will have to five an acct for yours. The one who dwells in you and works through you is the same one who works in and through me. We are to always be mindful of this even in bad situations. People are watching and listening to what we do and say. We are not representing ourselves, we are representing Jesus the Christ, the Kingdom of God. satan comes not but to kill, steal and destroy families, friendships, associations, opportunities and relationships overall, because Iron sharpens Iron.
Imagine if we were to treat each other as carriers of precious cargo (God dwelling within us) What a difference we could make in this world. Judgment begins in the house of God. As we continually reflect who HE is, take on his character and attributes, the world will have to see the difference in us. They will be able to recognize that those who call on the name of the Lord aren't just speaking outwardly, but are indeed carrying precious cargo.
We should be more careful as to how we conduct ourselves especially to the household of faith, and what we do and say to one another. satan if allowed opportunity can make you look at someone Christ-like, and treat them as if they are not,. You then will feel justified to cuss and fuss them out. If satan can in a moment allow one to think that person is insignificant, the opportunity for attack is eminent. So when the Lord says the one who can hold their temper is greater than a ruler of a city, it speaks volumes.

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