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I Just Want to Talk to You a Minute

Sometimes we get so caught up in things, that at the end of the day, those things really mean anything to us. Those possessions we just had to buy or those things we just needed to have... They cant save, deliver or set us free, they cant turn a black hair white or a white hair black. If anything, they just take up space, give us bragging rites, and after a... while they are collectors items, or items collecting dust, corruptible, rusted, moth eaten trophies. Yet the things that are irreplaceable, Human Life, Human Kindness, Human Compassion for one another is treated with such low regard and with such dis-regard. Cant you see the sign of the times? Don't you know the time is short.

How is it that we've become so wrapped up in the things this world provides, that we have traded our souls for Things Wants and our Own Desires. Don't you know that Only What You Do For Christ Will Last? Is it because we have heard that "Jesus Christ is coming back soon" so much, that the ears of many have become deafened to the alarm and the stirring that was and is and is now upon us to come? Just like in the days of Noah, living as though there is no God! We only have ourselves to answer to. Living our lives like its golden, subtly being lead astray by slogans, Reality TV and media campaign's like "Just Do It" showing No Reverence for God, or Low Reverence for the laws of God and each other.

Is it that we've been blessed too much? That's it isn't it?. We've been blessed so much that we think we have arrived because we have been allowed to get or attain what the jones have. A way has been forged in the darkness for us to be recognized as worthy opponents on the playing field. Remember the good old days, when our parents told us of what they didn't get or couldn't have back in their day? be it lack of education, race, decent salaries, rest rooms or even decent places to sit down and eat and feel respected. Why is it that although our parents and their parents, had less in material, monetary, educational things, yet they had more. Today, We have been blessed to surpass where our parents and ancestors were forbidden to or simply couldn't go, and yet today, in the 21st century with all our gadgets, devices and technology, we have so much less. We are on Spiritual Slim Fast, Our Souls are so malnourished that many of us have become white washed tombs. The truths about God being our parents strength, and the Source whom they looked to and clung to, testimonies like that which were once held dear and passed down from generation to generation, have gotten dull and old to the new generation of wise, free will thinkers who believe, I just have to write my own ticket, make my own way, or "I've Got This.".

Remember what our parents use to say. Education is the key, it will open all the doors that you need to make your mark in this world. That is true, education is one of our greatest weapons, and our parents were right. But what got lost in some of the translation is that we are nothing without God. The Truth be told, please understand, if God isn't in your plans intimate plans daily, you are an Educated Successful Hell bound Woman, or an Educated Successful Hell bound Man. Only What you do for Christ will Last. What doors or keys can your education, worldly wealth or accomplishments provide that will allow you to open up doors that lead to the Kingdom of God? The trinity that our parents looked to has been replaced by the god of "Me Myself and I" God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit have become a played out song to so many no longer want to dance to. satan has lulled many of us as frogs in a Brunson burner. Acclimating to the idolatries and cares of this world, while the flames beneath are being turned up Hotter and Hotter while our minds are being seared with the hot irons of brands. Everybody wants to be seen by the world. But remember Only What You Do for Christ Will last.

Yes I'm sure, soon the Lord will come, don't let Him catch you with your work undone. Seek the Lord while He may be found, Call upon Him while He is Near. Don't be like the 5 foolish virgins who had nothing for themselves and when the Bridegroom came unawares, they had no oil in their lamps. Make sure you have your own Oil, Make sure that you know the Lord for yourself. Not just by hearing the Word, but opening your Heart and Inviting the Lord into your Life. Your thoughts, goals and dreams, your fears, your triumphs, all things that pertain to you, and He will not cast you aside. Behold He's standing at the door knocking... Receive Him today, for tomorrow isn't promised to us. Say Lord, I don't know you personally. Today I ask that you forgive me for all my sins, cleanse me in your blood and receive me as your son/daughter. Today I give you all of me.

(If you prayed this prayer, I would love to hear from you. Please inbox me, I would love to welcome you into the body of Christ today.)

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