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To Live is Christ and to Die is Gain

To Live is Christ and to die is gain

For those of us who are on this journey called salvation, the process is what makes us into the likeness of Gods image. The process is what kills and puts our flesh under subjection, however we are the ones, through the help of God the ones that have to crucify our flesh. There are things that we just have to lay down on our own, and sometimes, in this play of life, God will allow other characters to help in the process. If you have a problem in your flesh... (WE ALL DO!) satan is allowed.... Key Word being Allowed to buffet us in that area. Why, because we need to become sick our MESS! Get Sick or Me, Myself and I... Sick of bumping into the same night stand table, or encompassing the same mountain over and over again. For those of you who were blessed to be skipped into higher grades,,, God Bless You... but God doesn't skip us.. He will make sure you get the lesson and a passing grade well before promotion comes. To thine own self be true. What is it that is causing your flesh to be exalted. Those vain imaginations to seemingly rise up above the throne of God. Lexi has a song that says... Lay it all down, and leave only you... Lay down those selfish ambitions and desires that distract you from serving God whole heartedly and purposefully. Only what we do for Christ shall last.

If people choose to walk away from you, Let them... Reasons, Seasons and Lifetimes.... I have a new one for you. Tyler Perry Blessed me with this story and I have to share... Those around you are in 3 categories... Leaves, Branches, and Roots.

Those who are like leaves in your life, aren't here to stay...That's just how it is, and they are apart of your salvation process. They come in, looking nice and sturdy, and when a strong wind blows... trouble, trials or tribulations in your life, they fall away to the ground. Dont take it personal... They were only supposed to be there short term. You wanted more than they were able or willing to give.

Then you have the Branches. They are more stronger and more noticeable in your life, they are with you through ups and downs, and last there for a while, but when those strong wind blow, the ones where you have to baton down the hatches, and hunker down for a few days with just the right amount of pressure, when you put your full weight on them that branch breaks and falls to the ground... they weren't there to handle the category 6,7,8 storms in your life...

and lastly you have the Roots.... Oh Thank you Jesus... I feel a shout coming on... Those who are Roots in your life, don't need to be in the limelight... The Leaves and Branches are exposed for all to see, some have their own motives etc... yet when pressure is applied, when the Sandy's and other storms of life come, they are able to withstand, the shaking the breaking and howling winds, they are able to be called upon in the midnight hour etc.. They can handle your Ugly tears, sweat, snot and the REAL YOU!!! But Somebody say ROOTS.... Roots aren't seen, they are in the background... holding you down, Rooted deeply in the ground making sure you have support and a firm footing to walk around on. They don't follow you around.. carrying your bags or baggage, or run all sorts of errands. They are there to support you when you need it most when you put your full weight upon them, they remain firm, and need nothing in return. Tyler might tell it one way... but this is my revelation of what he said. Praise God...

Have a Blessed Remainder of your week, and look at the people around you... put them in their proper place, then there is less offense, hurt and pain. You recognize that they are all greatly or minimally apart of your Salvation process. To live is Christ, and to die is gain... If we don't Suffer... we cant rain... Now Give the Lord a Praise... Weeping endures for a night but... Scream Joy!!! Joy comes in the Morning... I'm giddy and excited about this post... I hear the Song Hook...I got my joy back, I got my peace back, I got my Me back...sing it with me.... smile

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