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Dont Die Wealthy, Die Broke

Don't Die Wealthy, Die Broke
How many will go to their graves full of the gifts and treasures the Lord intended to be shared with the world. God didn't create us to be ordinary, common, or to blend in. He called us to be Separated and Set Apart from the rest. Why is that? Because of our uniqueness and individuality. However if we are afraid to step out of our boxes, and going against the grain, then we are then settling for less than God has called for us.
We all don't have the same color of skin, or have the same finger prints. Think about that. Why did our Awesome God take the time to give each and everyone of us our own set of fingerprints. Because from before the beginning, He called us to be "Me" and the best "Me" we can be. I cant be anyone but ME, and I thank God for the gifts and talents God has given me. All who encounter you, don't have to give you their stamp of approval. All you need is God's Approval, and that was given in Psalms 139:14, the word tells us that we are fearfully and wonderfully made. We have the Stamp of Approval from the Only one that really matters. Yes we do look to be accepted by others, "Why Who Wouldn't Love You"? but the Key thing for you to remember is God is in control. He has already set aside a remnant and nation saved and unsaved to get you where you need to go... Family will disappoint us just when we need them most, friends will let us down just when you knew they had your back, but God!!! He has a plan and purpose for your life.
What I'm trying to relay is this... Many of you are living beneath your privilege because you've placed your confidence in man. You have placed such a high value their definition of you that many have become stagnant and or stuck in the ordinary. Rise Up and Dare to Be Different... Dare to be You. That's what shall make a difference in your life and in the lives of others. No one can do you better than you. You just Master being all God has called you to be and you would be amazed at where your gifts and talents can take you. Your Gift will make room for you, you will travel down paths that will astound you. When you Change your perception, you wont compass the same mountain over and over again. God shall bring you to a new and wealthy place. I dare you to Be you ALL Day and Every Day!

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