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Keep Your Peace at All Costs

Praise God from Whom All Blessing Flow. This Just In!
You Cant Afford for anyone or anything to rob you of your Peace!

The Word declares in Isa 26:3 declares, If we keep our minds stayed on God… We shall be kept in perfect peace... My Question for you is Do you have perfect peace? __________ If your answer is no, I thank you for your honesty. The Lord has sent me to tell you that your No is a... temporal and whats coming is greater than whats been. There’s a song that declares… I’m so glad Trouble don’t last always! No matter what situations you have been in, are in, or will come down the line. Don’t let your temporary status or station in life cause you to make permanent decisions to hinder your journey.

God said that we should have Peace in any situation we find ourselves in. He the peace that surpassed all understanding. Keeping our eyes on the Lord is our Main Stay, its our Salvation and our defense. Its in Him that we Live and Move and have our being. Don’t allow the enemys tactics, or whom he uses to take us out of the Secret Place of the Lord Most High. I don't care who it or what it is. In this secret Place The 3 Hebrew Boys were able to stand victoriously on the Word of God and in Their God. Did they like the situation they were in, NO! However they knew that if it were the Lord Will, He would preserve them. Rejoice for the steps of a righteous man are ordered of God… Peter was doing just fine until the winds and waves caused a distraction from his fixation on Jesus... Praise God... Make your Election Sure and Stay There.

No matter what happens from this point after, the house, the spouse, the kids, the in laws, the bills, the boss, the neighbors and __________________ etc. Know that Greater is He that’s within You than he that’s in the world. Dont allow anything to become so magnified in your eyes that you diminish the strength and power of our God. Stay in your realm. You are seated in heavenly places with God. Don't deduce or dummy down. Stay elevated with Christ. Our adversary will use any one and any thing to convince you that you're defeated or less than. We should know by now that he is the Father of Lies. The truth isn’t in him. So as we study the word of God, as we uncover who we are, and understand Whose we are. Holiness has its advantages people. Show the devil your card. Its been declared and decreed before the foundations of the world that we are overcomers. Make a Self Declaration that from today forward, I will not let anyone or any of life's situations rob me of my peace in God! Blessings Beloved.

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