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Do You Qualify for the Kingdom of God

Do you Qualify For the Kingdom of God? (Introduction to Part 1 )    From the Amazing Life Ministries FB Page

Christianity is a word that is frequently used to describe a person, a group or an organizations connection and faith in Jesus Christ. If you were to take a poll, you would discover that many persons young and old alike would state that they are Christians, Followers of Jesus Christ, Christ like, however the term has become so common, that many aren’t aware of the true criteria to call themselves Christian. It’s not just about being a nice person, or treating others the way we want to be treated. Nor is it about leaning upon those in your midst who are walking the walk, and riding on their coat tails. Establishing a relationship with Jesus Christ for oneself is the crucial key to this individual walk and relationship. Christianity is a lifestyle; it’s a commitment, and a covenant between you and the Lord Jesus Christ. This type of covenant must be verbal, spiritual and natural. Christians are supposed to walk in demonstration and evidence of having a relationship spending time in the presence of their God. 

Being that the bible is being fulfilled on a daily basis, and the time is much closer than when we first believed, It's imperative that we look at, consider and re-evaluate the criteria for entering into the Kingdom of God, So you will know for yourself if you are indeed a Christian or not.   You can judge you by your behavior, by your lifestyle, and spiritual relationship with Jesus Christ to determine where you stand today in the realm of qualification. “To thine own self be true.” Then you can govern yourself accordingly. Some might have to admit, No, I'm not where I thought I should be, and I have work to do. Others might be able to say yes, and continue building your relationship, line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little, there a little, etc.

When we stand before God, sadly there will be many who would stand firm on the notion that they were Christian, and that they deserve to enter into the Kingdom, but regretfully if amends aren’t made soon, now, today, many will hear the Lord and Savior say, “Depart from me ye worker of iniquity, I never knew you.” It is my hope that this devotional will help steer you in the right direction of knowing the answer for yourselves right now Today. As long as there is Life, and Soundness of mind, there is hope for us all. I ask the question today, Should Jesus Christ crack the sky, would you be qualified to go back with him? This read applies to every person who uses the word Christian to describe, defend, or pre-qualify themselves.

To all Apostles, Bishops, Pastors, Teachers, Evangelists, Deacons, etc. Titles on the day of Judgment will have no value in determining if one enters in. Paul said what does it matter if I preach the gospel and gain the whole world, but I myself become a cast away. We in leadership can become disqualified. We get so busy in the affairs of the church, praying and doing for others, and ceasing to maintain a spiritual walk of our own. We must still maintain our personal relationship with the Lord. We must continue to spend time with God alone for ourselves. However if you are in an office and misuse it, you will be beaten with many stripes. Hurting or misleading the flock, scattering the sheep, offending the least of these, those young and weak in their faith, misusing and abusing your titles for personal gain, speaking one thing, and doing something else etc. These offenses if not dealt with and repented for NOW! will have to be answered for unless repentance has been offered and received before giving an account.  God is a just  and loving God, but He is also a God of Judgment.  There will be many with titles on that day who will not be allowed to enter the Kingdom of God because of disqualifications made on earth. There will be no more time to repent when standing before God. In spite of their mega ministries, in spite of their mass congregations etc., it’s not by works, lest any man boast.

I would like to take my time with this devotional series, because I know that lives/souls are at stake and many need to know and understand the real truths about how to qualify for the Kingdom. I pray that you are blessed, I pray that you receive what is said in Jesus Name, and establish, re-build/establish your relationship with the Lord,  The Word of God tells us that wisdom is the principal thing, but with all thy getting, get understanding. Heaven is real, and so is Hell. It is my hope to possibly dispel some myths and mis-conceptions that one might have in regards to entering the Kingdom of God, so you can know the truth and be made free today. After reading this devotional series, you will be more than qualified to know where you stand in calling yourself Christian.

If there are any questions you would like to ask please feel free to contact me by responding to this message publicly or privately on the Amazing Life Ministries Face book page, the page where this devotional was posted, or you can even respond by sending a message to  In the meantime, May the Lord bless you and watch, guard, and keep you;25 The Lord make His face to shine upon and enlighten you and be gracious (kind, merciful, and giving favor) to you; 26 The Lord lift up His [approving] countenance upon you and give you peace (tranquility of heart and life continually). Numbers 6:24-26

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