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Lest We Forget What God has Done

If you can, Id like you to play the clip below. Have we come so far that we've forgotten about the basics? I recall a time when we use to love
to come into the house of the Lord and genuinely lift up the name of the Lord. The Saints were on fire! Before I came to the knowledge of who Jesus Christ was, it was drudgery, but when I came to an understanding of who God is, and What he'd done for me I was grateful. We were in debt to him, and our indebtedness was and still for many is evident. It was easy and natural to lift up our hands in the sanctuary, to exclaim words of adoration and praise to the one and only Jesus who paid it all, and all to him I owe... Sin had left its crimson stain, but He washed me, Thank you Jesus, white as snow.

I look back to the times when I was out in the world, living just any kind of way. Doing what Grown folks were big and bad enough to do. However, in reflection, its brought to my remembrance that Had it not been for the Lord, Protecting me, shielding me from harm and dangers seen and unseen where would I be, what could have befallen me (That Makes me want to Shout right there). How he continually keeps us when we don't and didn't deserve to be kept...My God. The dates we went on that could have ended up badly, the drinks we walked away from and came back and drank, the drugs we experimented with, or hanging out with the wrong crowd and when they did something stupid, the parties we didnt have to make it home from, the people that invaded our lives or families by incest, molestation rape, robbery, and or murder for being in the wrong place at the right time. How in the midst of being jobless, being homeless, without food, or not enough food to go around, and our parents went without, so we could have, etc. We have come this far not by anything measures of our own, nor by any power by our own.. Only by the grace, tender mercies and unmerited favor of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ... Glory To God.

When God went out of his way to bless Adam with a mate, and Eve took of the tree she was instructed not to, and Adam did the same, His relply was, Its the woman you gave me, Its your fault God, God must have been like... You want to place the blame on me because I wanted to bless you. We are the same way today. Why? Because We have more today than ever before, we have a thing called options. Options has caused our worship and walk with the Lord to become watered down, and many have forgotten what the Lord has done for us.

Look where hes brought you and I from, our parents from, our neighbors and stranger alike from. We had to depend on God, and we prayed prayers like Lord if you didn't do it, it wont be done. Now because we are blessed with more options than our ancestors ever before, we sometimes or all together opt out of leaning and depending upon God.Because we can do a lot of things on our own, we can but homes, cars, have income to get what we or our parents once could only believe God for. Jesus I'll never forget what you've done for me. Jesus Ill never forget how you set me free, Jesus Ill never forget how you brought me out, Jesus Ill never forget no Never!.

The Election for this earthly kingdom is over, but the Election for our Real kingdom goes on Day by Day. The Race is still on, Make your Election Sure today, Promote the Candidate of Candidates, The King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, Tell someone about what hes done for you, Tell them what hes able to do for them, Praise God. TELL IT! TELL IT! TELL IT! Throw out the life line Someone is slipping away. Let your light shine like never before. The city on the hill cant be hidden, don't let the salt lose its savor. Look Back this morning, and reminisce of where you were when you first came to the knowledge of Jesus Christ, rekindle the flame and fire, stir up the gift within you, then go and tell someone else, allow the Love you've been freely given to be spread to someone else. From heart to heart and breast to breast. Jesus, I'll never forget, No Never!

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