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Its Time to Pray

All of you who exercised your right to vote, regardless of who you voted for I applaud you, its a privilege to vote. Just like the Kingdom of God gives men the power of choice, so freely are we given the power of choice in the earthly realm to vote for officials. Some countries dont have the option to vote. So we thank God for the right to be counted. To have a say in who speaks for us.

Some are happy that Obama is still president, and others are very upset. There will always be one who wins and loses however nothing is uncertain to God. We are to keep our eyes and hearts turned towards him more now than ever before. He isnt sitting up high looking down low and saying to the Father "Wow! I didnt see that coming. This was set in stone before the foundations of the world, the Lord knows the end from the beginning and he knows each and every one of us. Those who are kings and queens, it isnt coincidence, it was divinely established and appointed. God knew the outcome of this election way before the foundations of the world. If it were His will, just as he dumbfounded the language regarding the tower of Babylon, just as he Hardened Pharaohs heart, He could have changed the outcome of this vote. People would have seen things differently, and heard things differently that would have changed their vote. The ship has left the port, now we must move forward. Pray for the President, bombard heaven with prayers that are full of power and can change circumstances and situations. The word of God also said that All things work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose. We arent in this alone, God is with us and more than the world against us. We must remember that we are living in the last days, the word of God is being fulfilled. Just like Jesus knew Judas would betray him, but in spite of this, Jesus humbled himself and washed his feet. The word of God is coming to pass more than we would like to believe it is. The time is far closer then when we first believed. Its time to pray Saints of God.

Continue to pray for the peace of Jerusalem, our leaders, our enemies, those who have yet to come to salvation, those that have, those who make decisions on our behalf. The key word is pray. A kingdom divided against itself cant stand. Dont be like the 5 virgins who had no oil in their lamps, be prepared, be diligent and be ready. My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Pray Pray Pray! Gird up your loins, pray in the Holy Spirit, allow God to empower you so you can walk and stand in spirit and in truth. The word of God says, If my people who are called by my name shall but humble themselves and pray, seek the Lords face, and turn from wickedness. Then will I hear from heaven forgive your sin and heal the land. America needs Healing, America needs to Repent! Its time that the body take their places, seeking and laying before God for Wisdom, Mercy, Grace, favor, Protection and direction. Always keeping a heart of Repentance, for we sin daily.
This is the last inning, and the Lines are being drawn even as I write this post. The Heavenlies and hell are all stirring. The weapons of our warfare aren't carnal but Mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds.. Be ready, Stay ready! Blessings

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