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The Songs of old and the Lessons they taught us

Remember when songs taught lessons?

Wow I remember the songs of old that really brought you to repentance, reflection, met you where you were at, and helped us make the conscious decision to surrender our all to the Lord. We would lean on the words of songs when we didnt quite know the right scriptures to quote and we go through our storms alright. (Please add your favorites below) To the UT Most, Jesus Saves! To the Ute most Jesus saves, He will pick you up and turn you around, Hallelujah Jesus Saves. Who can forget  All To Jesus I surrender all to him I freely give. I will ever Love and trust him in his Presence....all the time) daily live. I surrender all! Or when we forgot about how good God was, Jesus Ill never forget what youve done for me, Jesus Ill never forget how you set me free, Jesus Ill never forget How you brought me out. Jesus Ill never forget no never. Whew Thank you Lord... you were able to get caught up in what God had done for you and you were encouraged.  How about this one... Real, Real, Jesus was real to me, oh yes, He gives us victory, so many people doubt him, I (I now know for myself) cant live without him, that is why I love him so, Hes so real to me. Give me that old time religion, give me that old time religion, give me that old time religion, its good enough for me. It was good for my dear mother, father etc Wow, it sung of keeping hold and passing it along to the next generations. I wish those days would return where we go back to the things that really ushered us into the presence of the Lord.

Communion - Remember in the Baptist Church, they use to sing songs with no words... HAAAAAAAAAAAAA HAAAAAAAAAAAAA HAAAAAAAA HAAAAAAAAAAA and the church would repeat, oh that brings joy to my soul. The deacon couldnt sing a lick but he could moan.... and haaaaaaaaaa.

Remember songs like Why dont you pray for me sometime, why dont you pray for me sometimes, why dont you pray for me sometimes, why dont you pray for me. It was a reminder that dont just go to God for yourself, bring others with you. Today standing in the gap is not a popular subject unfortunately. Offering time,  You cant beat Gods giving, no matter how you try, the more you give the more He gives to you. Just keep on giving because its really true, you cant beat Gods giving no matter how you try. Good Lord! A song that reminded us that you cant go wrong sowing into the Kingdom. God will return 30 60 100 fold. Giving isnt for God, its to be a blessing to us the people of God. When a farmer sows seed, plants it in good soil, he expects a harvest after a period of time. Today, we want the harvest on the same day. Not that God cant do it, but sowing seeds is a process just as Salvation is a process. And my all time fav, What a friend we have in Jesus. Whew.. Can I get a witness. Oh what peace we often forfeit oh what needless pains we bare all because we do not carry everything to God in prayer. A song that reminded us that we can come to God with our every issue and struggle, and reminding us of the pain and suffering we go to sometimes because we dont come to our Father. One of my Late Fathers in the Gospel. Apostle John H Boyd said "God can do more for you in 5 min, than you can do for yourself in a lifetime. We cant do it ourselves, That's why you need Jesus you see." 

Id like to revive some of those old songs that have been retired and see what a change and revival would be stirred up in our churches. Please add your favorites to this list and hopefully our Praise and Worship Leaders can get on board and the Choirs will dust off the robes and sing like never before this weekend. Blessings Family Have a Super Soul Sunday.

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Demetrius Look on Monday, January 07, 2013 12:49 AM
The whole content is really impressive! After visiting your content I enjoy a lot and I've found much important information about songs which information is really helpful for me. Thanks.
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Pedro Celis on Thursday, February 28, 2013 5:40 AM
Quire impressive piece of writing regarding songs of old and the Lessons!!! I am so pleased to know this kind of informative information. Thanks and keep posting...
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