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Lord how do I even begin to pick up the pieces after this storm? I've lost so much, things that can't be replaced, things I once held precious and dear, memories that took time and a lifetime to build, things I wanted to hold on to, now its all gone. I see bits and pieces of my life broken, torn, destroyed, fragmented and floating in the midst of water and rubble.

Papers and documents, pictures and trinkets, my first communion, our first Christmas, photo albums, wedding albums, my war metals, my veterans metals, dog tags, gone, I am now a refugee in my own house, my own country, I have nothing to show to whom I belong. I have no place to lay my head, hum, Jesus once said foxes have holes, and birds have nest, but He the Lord had no place to lay his head. Now I have no place to call my own, to lay my head. All lost in the fire, all lost to the tide wind fire and rains that invaded my life and claimed more than I was willing to give. My house has been utterly destroyed. The waters rushed in and took my life away. My history, my collection of things that represented who I was, where I came from, evidence and proof of my existence, swept out to sea, and is now trodden underfoot by legions of grains of sand, water and passersby, and others like me are struggling and searching to make sense of such loss, such devastation that has rendered so many helpless, and trying to accept and swallow the fate that over took us like thieves in the night. Lord how do I even begin to pick up the pieces after this storm?

Can you relate? Do you find yourself lost and fragmented as a result of a storm be it Sandy, or just a me myself and I storm. A storm that boldly came in and turned your life upside down, well . Jesus Specializes in things that seem impossible, things that seem un-repairable, and to the carnal eye just cant be fixed. Jesus Christ is the way the truth and the life. He came that we may have life and have it more abundantly. He never leaves or forsakes us. I know, I know you’ve heard that and you tried it once or twice but didn’t get the results you were seeking. Well I would like to encourage you to try again. In the midst of storms, we discover that we are stronger than we thought we were, and we are reminded that the Lord places nothing upon us that we cant bare. We just have to look to Him the author and finisher of our faith. He knows how this story ends. He has given us the wisdom and strength to rebuild, to re-calculate, and grab the bull by the horns and rise from the ashes, rise from the sand and waters that came like a thief in the night. Just as quickly as storms come, they go, and just as quickly the Lord will come as a thief in the night.

Don’t blame God, but look to God for strength, for grace mercy wisdom and salvation. He is our only hope. Thank him that you are still here to tell the story and to share your story with others. Let others see your strength by your rebuilding, your determination to move forward in spite of the storms life brings. Then they can reflect upon your strength and be strengthened. They too will know that this too shall pass. Sometimes storms just don’t make sense. We all go through storms and challenges, but because of the blood shed for us, we aren’t alone, in the midst of the storm Jesus wants you to trust and rely on him, he wants you to know him, and he wants a personal relationship with you.

How can we have a personal relationship with a God whom we can’t see. Well the word tells us to believe…That’s it. We just have to believe that Jesus Christ died in our place, that he rose and is now seated at the right hand of our Father. Every Sin we have or will ever commit, he paid the price for, so we could have eternal life. Only in return, he wants a relationship with us. How beautiful is that? Someone who is caring and loving you enough to serve your life sentence for you? Blessings family. Always

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