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You Dont Know Me

Call a neighbor, Call a friend... Look at the person next to you and tell them with all Power thats within you " You dont know me," Say it again Tell them "You dont Know Me!" In spite of what you have been through, In spite of what others might know about you, the truth is they dont know you. For from the beginning of time, your steps have been ordered and you have been chosen for such a time as t
his. Dont let the spirit of familiarity cause you to see yourself contrary to how Daddy God sees you. Yes I know its hard to rise and walk through quick sand, however remember that our God is able to do exceedingly and abundantly above all we can ask or think, Just as he touched the axe to rise in the midst of the water, So Shall your light Shine and rise in the midst of those who Love and like you, but yet still dont Know You. Eyes havent seen nor ears heard neither has it entered into the hearts of man the things God has prepared for you. Shake yourself loose, Just as Paul did when the scorpion attached itself to his hand while his hand passed through the fire... dont you know that youre in the fire, that you are being tried in the fire, Dont worry about what it looks like, Dont worry about how things seem... You will come forth as pure gold, and If God be for you, who in this world and the world beneath can stand against you. No weapon formed shall prosper.. God didnt say the weapon, the device the plot the plan or strategy wouldn't be brought up against you.... He siad that it wouldnt prosper.
Watch this, When you are around people over a period of time... family, friends, co-workers, etc its is human nature for us to assume we know one another and draw a conclusion of where this person measures upon your (the Richter Scales) People will deduce that the elevator doesnt go all the way to the top, You aint never gone change, youre just trifelin, you arent stable, youre not dependable, youre never going to get on your feet, you are a lost cause, you are just a mess, youre just like your daddy, your just like your mother, aint nobody want you, you cant do this, you cant do that, smiling in your face and laughing behind your back, being looked at and people hoping for you to fall and stumble, Do you hear me... satan is a liar, and the truth isnt in him, nor is the trun in them he uses to try and keep you in quick sand... Praise God... Scream and Shout in the atmosphere to and against those familiar spirits that torment you In the Name of Jesus Christ YOU DONT KNOW ME!!!!
Get UP, Go Forth, You know who you are, You know who you serve... You are victorious, You are a conquer, You're undefeated, unstoppable in Jesus Name. It remains to be seen what you shall be but when the unveiling comes, You shall be like HIM Your Father Your Lord and Savior and Hot Diggity Dog, thats all that matters!

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