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Man Fail vs God Fail?

Mans Fail vs God Fail

Praise the Lord Everyone! What a mighty God we serve. Today I’d like to introduce to some and remind others that the God we serve is infallible. Now I know we’ve heard this at one time or another, but today I took the time to show some points that will help us to really digest this and allow us to take another look in trusting in the Lord with all our hearts and leaning not to our own understanding. Our God has a 0% failure rate, now you can’t find that anywhere on this planet. The Stock Market will fail, the Economy will fail, Flesh, Friendships, Relationships will fail, Leaning on the arms of man will fail, Our cars can fail, Our Jobs can Fail, Electricity can fail, The Home security alarm system can fail, the metal rod behind the door, and that chain latch can fail, the manual doors and locks can fail, The babysitter can fail, the doctor and EMTs can fail, The police can fail, The Bus Driver can fail, The taxi driver can fail, the Pilot Can fail, The motorman or conductor can fail. The other motorist can fail, The Ski Lift/Tram Operator can fail, The weather can fail, The chair we sit upon can fail, the food we eat can fail, our bodies can fail, Computers can fail. Trains and Planes can fail, and you can add what I’ve failed to mention here. (Please do)

Everything that we put trust in outside of God can fail. But Not Our God!. There is no failure in him, there are no defects or flaws in him, and He is Perfection all by Himself. He is a Master Planner, A Master Strategist, A Masterful Architect, He is a Master Defender, He is a Masterful Protector, He is a Masterful Counselor, He is a Wonderful Father, He is a Matchless Provider, Oh My Goodness… He is, He is, He is! He is beyond figuring out, He is too high to get over, To Deep to get under, He is too wide to get around, He is, Fail Proof, He is the only One that we can place our trust in that won’t fail.  Whew!  I like those odds.  He is able to do anything but fail.

All these things mentioned are things we so faithfully put our trust in on a daily basis. We don’t even consider the fail of some of these. We go to our jobs faithfully, and expect a check faithfully at the end of the week or every two weeks, we sit and plop down on our chairs and desks, without the thought of maybe it won’t support our weight today. We do things out of habit without a thought of failure. We invest our monies and time in things that will fail. All these things that we do daily, from the moment we rise up can fail, but our God stays the same… He fails not because he can’t fail. He isn’t sitting high, looking down low saying… Wow I didn’t see that coming. Yet he chose to be reconciled to filthy dusts of clay like you and me.

Man Fail

We fail God on a daily basis. What do you mean Woman of God? We fail God in our thoughts, We fail God in our actions, We fail God in our deeds. We fail as Mothers, Fathers, Children, Representatives of God, and The Human Race, We fail as employees and Employers, we fail in creating, we fail in following through, we fail our families, we fail our friends, we fail in relationships, we fail as citizens, We fail to choose live over death, we fail to trust God and take our lives, and throw it away, we fail to trust God and stop fornicating, hurting one another, back biting, gossiping, stealing, lying, cheating,  we fail to trust in God and stop destroying our bodies with drugs, alcohol, we fail to put our flesh under subjection, we fail to trust in the only one who will never fail.

OH Wretched Man that I am… Who will or who can deliver me from such death, such failure, such hopelessness. …. There is a one who is worthy and capable of doing just that. For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son. That whosoever believes in him wouldn’t perish but have eternal life. What a mighty God we serve. A God that Loved us enough to prepare Himself a body and dwell amonst sinful man, go to the cross, baring our  sins, die in our stead, go to hell, Snatch the keys frim satan, Arise with all Power in His hand, assend  as High Priest, pour his blood for us upon the alter, and ensure that we can have eternal Life. The only one who can’t fail…. Our GOD!

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