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Can God Use You Anywhere?

You know the Lord has called us to gather in his name, and did you know that isn't limited to the four walls of the Church House? He told us to go out in the highways and byways. One plants One waters, God gives the increase. I went to the Dr's. office and a few of us started talking about the Lord, and we had church up in there. The Dr's. office!  Those waiting to be seen were being healed as we were yet praising God. Where two or three are gathered, He is in our midst. All that is required is our availability. Are you available to be used today? The Song Lord I'm available to you comes to mind.

One Morning, A co-worker was so distraught that she cried uncontrollably in the ladies room. People were coming and going, passing her by, I just finished my shift, but took notice of the state my co-worker was in, I said Lord, she is in no shape to work today. What can I do to help, I offered to work another 8hrs for her so she could get herself together, or handle whatever had her so distressed. She politely said no and tried to compose herself, yet she continued to cry. There was no more in and out, the traffic in the ladies room was now at a stand still. The Lord told me to stay with her, and all of the sudden, she screamed out "If it wasn't for my kids, I would have done it!" Sobbing uncontrollably. Then I knew what the Lord wanted me to do. I shared my testimony, for I had been where she was (out on a limb). I asked her if she wanted to receive peace today, If she wanted to receive Jesus Christ, the same God who pulled me off my limb. We prayed, she repented and received Jesus Christ, her tears were now turned into laughter and smiles and hugs, all because someone took the time to notice another in distress.

Jesus was moved with compassion and then he prayed, fed, healed, did miracles, became the solution to someone in distress. That is what we are called to do. Not  be so busy about our affairs, that we cant see, hear, feed, or become the solution to someone. Praise God, and you know, not a person came into that ladies room until the Lords work was completed. Then the traffic resumed and we both left the ladies room changed forevermore.

I shared this not to boast in me, but in God, and in the need for us as believers to be and stay connected to the vine, so we will know when and how to move by the prompting of the Lord, by the Holy Spirit. Its in him we live and move and have our being. When someone needs a spiritual intervention, we who are spiritual, and those who are connected, can respond quickly, and effectively. There's a testimony in you that will cause others to want to meet the God you serve. There's a word, a song, a book, a gift in you that will cause others to lift up their hands and say Lord its me, I repent of my sins, and please receive me as your own. Jesus said if I be lifted up from the earth, He would draw all men unto me. Praise God! However we need to be in place to lift him up. Our workplace, Drs. Office, Banks, stores, buses, trains, ferry, corners etc. There are no restrictions as to where to be a witness. Just be determined to be an available instrument in the Masters hands.

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