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What If

What if all the blessings you were to receive in this lifetime where given to you? You no longer had the right or permission to ask God for another thing. How would that sit with you?
I mean lets face it. We cant say that the Lord hasnt blessed us, We have life health and strength, soundness of mind and use and activity of our limbs etc. What if our measure of Grace had run out, and all we could do from this moment on is Life for Christ?
How many of you would walk away bitter, and feel as though you have been cheated in some way. That I didnt get the desires of my heart? That its not fair.
Well Beloved... The truth of the matter is, we are supposed to get the desires of our hearts... however that desire is rooted or supposed to be rooted in God. Not desires of our own. When we are able to line up with Gods word, His desires, become our desires, and we then get the desires of our Heart. That is to please and serve God.
I know that many of us think that we could have a laundry list of things we want Santa to bring us during our lifetime, and when we dont get what we want, when we want, we hog tie God and say if you dont do this, then I wont do that... Oh what a tangled web we weave.
Whose will are we following here? Who are we trying to promote and lift up?
God said if I be lifted up from the earth Ill draw all men unto me. Thats our job.. thats what our purpose is supposed to be... Lifting up the Name of Jesus and people being as moths drawn to our light... and them we can say follow me as I follow Christ....
Judgement starts in the house of God... with us.... and until we get it together, until our hearts and minds are saturated in the things of God, we arent successfully walking this walk.
Lord even if I dont get married, Ill serve you
Lord even if I never have children, Ill serve you
Lord even if I have to walk away from all and everyone to do your perfect will for my life, Ill do it
All to Jesus I surrender, All to him I freely give.
I will ever love and trust him, in His daily presence Live
I surrender all, I surrender all, All to him my blessed Savior,
I surrender all.
If this isnt your prayer this evening, if you have forgotten what and who this is really all about, Weve missed it. Weve become so blended in with the world, thats why we arent making the impact that we as the body should..
There is still too much life in us that God had no part in... Its that worldly trinity that we have somehow through trials, and tribulations, adopted..
ME, MYSELF and I....
Lord, help us to search our hearts tonight, help us to see where we have missed a turn, if we have and somehow stopped living for you, but more unto ourselves.
Help us to appreciate the things we have and hold dear, and remember that people are midst and vapors, just loans to us. Here today and gone tomorrow. Lord show me how to love as you love, unconditionally, and with the ability to forgive those whove hurt us, and caused us to stumble, Lord if I caused others to stumble, because my light didnt shine or illuminate you, Forgive me Father... Lord allow my heart to line up with your word. Not just in hearing but in doing, forsaking all other things that might try or I make precedent. Forgive us for being more I minded than we should be, Forgive us for claiming to be your son/daughter, yet still promoting my agenda or that which is of the world.. I repent Lord. Ive missed it. I thank you for another opportunity to be a vessel of honor unto you in Jesus Name.

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