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Time to Pray and Interceede

It’s Time to Pray
Where are my Aarons and Hurs at? Where are my intercessors and warriors? Yes, it’s someone else’s struggle today, but it could be yours tomorrow. Ye that are spiritual it’s time to PRAY! We have family and friends that need to be delivered and snatched out of the fire, there are people who are being led away captive to the enemy’s devices…
Father God in the name of Jesus I lift up________________ before you right now. Thank you for turning that situation around. Thank you for what appears to be helpless is not hopeless with you. I thank you that their needs are being met right at this moment. Glory to God!
I thank you for the testimony that shall come forth from their lips. Thank you for their knowing and acknowledging that it was you alone that brought them out, and you alone that brought them through. Not by might, not by power, but by your spirit. I lift up mothers who cry endlessly for their children who are hooked on drugs. I arrest the spirit of Crack, Cocaine, marijuana ex snoopy and any other substance that wars against their mental state and physical wellbeing. I speak and command in the name of Jesus that the very taste of crack, alcohol, nicotine, cocaine, prescription drugs _______ etc. be taken out of their mouths, sober them up Jesus, Give them soundness of mind, give them clarity. I speak that every Wayward Daughter and Son be returned back to the house of God. I speak against every evil alliance that our children have made. I bind the hand of the adversary that comes like a thief in the night, to kill steal and destroy the future and potential and spirit of those I love. I send warring angels to their defense. Thank you Lord Jesus….
I call them out of the crack house… I call them out of the darkness into the light of the SON Jesus the Christ. Even allow the Drug Dealers and Pimps to let them go! Let them refuse to sell to them, utilize them, and let them be set free by their captor, Gang leaders and Pimps. Lord shake and wake them in the middle of the night just as you did the King that wanted Abraham’s wife. Warn them that if they touch or come near our loved ones again, they are but as dead men and women. Loose the captives and set them free Lord Jesus.
I speak that every house, every den that is in my community that is used for ungodly activity be shut down, closed down and put out of business. Replace them with uplifting jobs and homes and businesses to turn around the communities. Let God arise and our enemies be scattered.
I speak that every corner be free of gangbangers and unmotivated individuals who wait in privy to prey upon our children as they walk to and from school, or from parks and recreation centers. Let them walk safely to and from Jesus; cover them with your blood. I command that the spirit of murder be arrested and every strong hold that hovers over our schools and communities be bound in the name of Jesus Christ.
I lift up _______________ who is struggling with the spirit of suicide, and command that they be loosed in Jesus name. I command that the spirit of suicide, depression and oppression loose them and in Jesus name never return. I cancel every work plot, snare, stumbling block, hindrance and stronghold sent against _______________________, my boss, neighbor friend, facebook friends and family, etc. I speak that they be covered under the precious blood of Jesus Christ. I speak that they that lie shall lie no more. They that steal, they shall steal no more.
I come against that spirit of affliction we come against every tumor, every fibroid, every polyp, every growth, every sore, every scab in the name of Jesus…. We come against the affliction spirit named cancer, Prostate cancer, colon cancer, Breast cancer, Lung Cancer, Hodgkin's Disease Leukemia’s Lymphomas Multiple Myeloma Waldenström's Cancer I command that you dissolve and diminish… that each and every affected blood cell, every white and red cell be brought back to being normal… Skin cancers etc. _______________ Malignant Melanoma every disease of the blood, of the bones, of the brain. Alzheimer’s, every sickness known and unknown…diabetes… MS, ADD, add, high blood pressure, inflammation, swelling of the joints, arthritis, etc. Go! In Jesus Name…. Every name under the heavens is subject to the name of Jesus…
Father God you said in your word that healing is the children’s bread… it belongs to us…. For those mentioned today that don’t know you… we ask that you grant and extend mercy to them… allow them to know there is a balm in Gilead… you are our healing salve…. I bless you I praise you for being a miracle working God…. Touch Deliver and set Free today in Jesus Name.

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