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My Song of Praise and Prayer to You

I stand in awe of our God this morning... He is just soworthy of Honor Glory and Praise... He is a friend to the friendless, acomforter to those who need to be comforted, A wheel in the middle of a wheel,our battle axe, our strong tower, our hiding place, our refuge in time ofstorm, our constant companion when we’ve been forsaken by family friends andmankind in general... He takes us up. He is our defense, our healer, our Lordand Savior, our King of Kings, He is the one who sees and knows, He is Holy, Heis our pillar by night, He is our cloud by day, our hope, our salvation, our righteousness, our rock, he is our peace,He is the true lover of my soul,  Oh myHe is the Great I AM, he is our provider, our banner, our shield and buckler,He is our glory and lifter of our head, He won’t relent until he has all of us.All things are working out for our good. Praise God! My heart is yours oh God.Thank you Jesus, when words are no longer enough, when I can no longer expressmyself in a way that this world understands, the Holy Spirit takes over, withgroanings that can’t be uttered. He sifts my prayers and takes out the fluffand un-necessary stuff. He takes me to parts unknown in the spirit realm. Istand boldly before the throne of grace declaring just how good our God is.Lord you are  Great, You are Awesome, Youspecialize in the impossible, Who is like unto you oh Lord, May I dance beforeyou, can I sing you a song that the angels cant sing, What can I do for youtoday oh Lord, how can I please you. My heart aches to please you my God. Thankyou for understanding me when others do not. Thank you for being a God ofcompassion, so I can have compassion for others, Thank you for teaching me howto love as you love, and not hold on to anger and hatred. Because you live, Ican live also. My future is bright, the way has already been prepared, for thesteps of the righteous have been ordered and ordained by you. You are a lampunto my feet and a light unto my path. You have called me to be a city that can’tbe hidden to those seeking refuge. You have called me to be a lighthouse in themidst of someone’s darkness. You have placed riches and treasures within me toshow off your splendor. Thank you Jesus.. You value me with others looked uponme and deemed me worthless, in my sins and polluted blood did you find me, andyou took me unto yourself, you washed me, clothed me and adorned me with your gemsthat are too beautiful to comprehend. Oh Lord Why do you love us so much. Theseclay vessels that continually show our weaknesses, even the angels ask Who isman that you are so mindful of us? Why oh God, did you find me worthy ofsaving? Why did you find me worthy of dying for? I was guilty and full of sin. Whatshall I render to you oh Lord for all of your benefits to me? All that I am andall that I have I give to you. Take out those things that aren’t pleasing toyou oh God, and fashion me to your likeness and image, again and again. Shapeme, make me, mold me. Chasten me, I rather be in the hands of my God, than inthe hands of my enemies. For you oh God, show forth your mercy and favortowards me, when my enemies seek my death, harm and destruction without cause.Oh wretched man that I am, only you can deliver me from me! Only you candeliver me from the evil one.  I marvelthat you found beauty and purpose for me even when I was blinded and walking indisobedience. You loved me and made the way that once I came to myself,repented and asked to be reconciled back to the father, you made the way whereI could be seated in heavenly places with you. My desire is to continually bethe apple of your eye. I love when you boast about me before my enemies, I lovewhen you show forth your love for me when satan asks permission to sift me aswheat. For you know my frame and my end from the beginning.  I will sing of your Love Forever. Lord I cango on and on about your goodness, loving kindness and tender mercies towardsme, my gratitude towards you is endless and eternal. I will ever lift my eyesto you. You are all that I need, everything else are simply wants and desires.Things that aren’t required for us to finish the race that is set before me.  You supply all our need according to yourriches in glory...If you never do another thing for me Lord, you’ve already donemore than enough.

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