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So Glad I Made It!

So Glad Imade it!
I don't knowabout anyone else, but today, I am put in the position of worship praise andreflection. Whew, when I look back at all the Lord has brought me through,allowed me to overcome and enter into,  Ihave a shout that rises from within that would move mountains. Had it not beenfor the Lord who was on my side, I would have stumbled, fallen and become preyto the enemy. But with every test, every trial, the times I wanted to throw thetowel in, or the many times when I wanted to throw the towel out, the Lord keptme safe in His arms. He allowed me to find peace love and joy in his presence.With my testimony, the world would have said that I was destined for failure,destined to be unsuccessful in life, a victim who fell through the cracks.However, because Im not defined by this world or by others, God had declaresbefore the foundations of this world that I am destined for success purpose andMultiplied blessings in this life and in the eternal life that awaits me.
 So Imsharing with you today to encourage somebody, anybody and everybody to continueto Hold On to Gods Unchanging Hand! For all things shall work together for yourgood. Just continue to trust Him! Walk it out family, God has already worked itout! There shall be glory after this… There shall be victory after this….
If you don’thave a test, there is no testimony, if you’ve not gone through anything, youcant be a witness for others. The Light, Love and Glory of our Lord and Saviorcant been shown. Allow God to take your mess and make a message board out ofyou. keep building up your spiritual resume! For in due season You shall reap,In due time, He shall raise you up for all to see, and then all those who spokeevil against you, did evil against you and awaited your downfall shall have nochoice but to rejoice with you, and praise our God, and recognize forthemselves that the hand of the Lord is upon you. You have a protector,provider, a sustainer and preserver on your side. Therefore you are unstoppableand untouchable.  In Spite of what I maygo through, and even in the midst of the storm trials tribulations and temptations,The Rest of my Days, shall be the Best of My Days....

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