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Pray or become Prey

Obedience is better than sacrifice,and my people are destroyed for the lack of knowledge. When tragedy befalls that of a "Christian", sometimes it’s because of disobedience. Yes I said sometimes and again I say it could be because of disobedience. We’ve become so wrapped up in the cares for this world, that we don’t take the time to really pray intently before God. We don’t take the time to properly pray with our spouses and cover our spouses, lay hands and anoint ourselves and our children, decree and declare the word of God over their lives while they are out of our presence, We let them stay home while we go to church, we don’t engage them to discover who they are, who they idolize, find out their hopes and dreams, and spiritually guide them that they can learn for themselves to trust lean on rely on Jesus for themselves. (Training up our children how they should go) So the enemy assigns evil people in the midst of them to cause them to stray in the paths of destruction.
Sometimes we take for granted, and fail to pray and thank God for those things concerning us (home, cars, jobs, safety,protection etc.) We give God a few words while drinking our coffee, and run off to catch the train or bus. We even spend countless hours on Facebook with games, and such. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with games and such, However if you are doing it at the expense of your peace, family,spiritual walk, then our priorities are not in order, and in the meantime…While you were sleeping, we’ve left our homes and ourselves open for the enemy to come in and kill steal and destroy those we love and those things that belonging to  us.  God is speaking all the time;however we are often just too busy to sit quietly long enough to hear what He has to say. Let’s take more time to study to be quiet in his presence, endeavor to be better at fitting God into our busy schedules. Warnings come before destruction. There wasn’t a time in the Word of God, that I know of when destruction came and the Lord didn’twarn the believers and give instructions. When the plagues hit Egypt – God sent the warning to the people of Israel, Put the blood on the door post and stay inside,When God was going to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah, God had angels take Lot and his family out of the city to safety, with instructions, Don't look back! etc. So why not the same in the believers today. Nothing should take us unawares. We may not always like the answer given, but it shouldn’t take us unaware. That’s why we are commissioned to live a life of prayer. We are to pray and intercede for: one another, the body of Christ, for our Govt, for our enemies, for the peace of Jerusalem, for those who have rule over us that they should do so with joy, and for the unsaved that they be snatched from the fire. In the natural when there is a tornado, or hurricane on the horizon, an alarm is supposed to sound that warns those in its path to get to safety.  When the enemy approached there was a blowing of the ram’s horn, to tell the people to prepare for battle or get to safety. Today, when there is an attack in the path of a believer, we have the Holy Spirit that walks with us and abides in us to lead and guide us into all truth… Pray for Johnny, he’s hanging with the wrong crowd, and there will be a shootout at the school.  Pray for Suzie; she’s at that stage when men arelooking at her twisted and she likes the attention. You are the Priest of yourhouse… We have the opportunity to cancel and divert destruction in our paths. Those who are spiritual shall be held accountable for what happens on your watch. Let the weak declare they are strong! Let us be aware of the times we are in. Let us take the time and make the time to pray. Let us receive direction on what to know and how to respond when an attack or Tornado is headed directly for us and our families. The bottom line believer is we are to always Pray or we shall become the Prey!

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