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Obedience is Better than Sacrifice Pt 2

Many times we dont think that the Lord is speaking to us. We assume that our cries and efforts have fallen upon deaf ears. But we serve a God who never sleeps, whose arms are not to short to save and deliver, whose ears are not so small that they cant hear our cries, petitions and supplications. God will send good words to people, yet because they are so wise in their own perceptions they dismiss their time of visitation, and feel God hasnt answered.
The well have no need for a physician. If you are able to present your illness and present your own solutions, you dont need God, nor do you need His help. Its when one realizes that they arent as wise as they thought, that they are indeed sick, and allow the word and love of God to penetrate their Head and their Heart, (Head is flesh... Heart is Spirit) then and only then can change take place within us. This world and the enemy will allow you to think that youve got it going on. You dont need to invest in salvation or your salvation process, and that you will find your way out of the Maze of Life on your own... the devil is a liar and the truth isnt in him. The Children of God suffer violence, and the violent take it by force. What is being held back from you right now because of decisions that you made. What doors are shut unto you because you decided to lean upon your own understanding opposed to that of the Lord God Almighty?
There is no easy fix to this process. If God were just to deliver us because we cried out for deliverance, what would be gained. Yes for a moment we could say The Lord did this and that, but after awhile, the shine would wear off, and we wouldn't appreciate what the Lord has done for us. Where would the testimony be?
We know that sometimes... when we receive an expensive gift, that we didnt work for, we dont appreciate it as much. But if it has cost you something, if you had to sweat and put dime upon dime down to acquire it, when the time comes for you to own it fully and outright, theres is a sense of " Ive accomplished what I set out to do." The same thing in spiritual things. When we actively participate in our salvation process, we are bold to declare and tell others of what God has done in our lives. it encourages us, enlightens us and re-inspires us to run this race that is set before us. To obey the Word of the Lord is better than sacrifice. God puts doctors, lawyers, teachers, pastors friends family etc in our path to deliver and or minister healing and deliverance to us, but if we arent able to recognise it, words that would deliver us have fallen upon stony scorched, unleveled ground. Let the words spoken to you via God or Prophet, or any other vechile of God fall upon good ground so that you can prosper.
Have you missed a visitation from the Lord today? Lord help us to see as you see and help us not to think of ourselves more highly than we ought. We are earthen vessels prone to decay, error, mistakes and disobedience. Help us to look to you the author and finisher of our faith daily. Help us to be perfected in the things you have in store for us, and thank you for continually allowing us to come boldly before your throne of Grace for refuge, peace, instruction, comfort, and direction in Jesus Name Amen.

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