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The Phenomenal Women in God Radio Show is Almost Here! 
Hello Ladies,
Come join us as we open up and discuss real issues and have real talk. Don't you think its time to remove the mask that we sometimes have to wear? This broadcast opens the door of opportunity to do just that. Keeping it real and allowing God to truly shine in us and through us. Stay tuned for more information regarding our show and the topics that shall be discussed. 
Are You A Phenomenal Woman?
                   A Phenomenal Woman In God Defined
1.                 A “Phenomenal Woman In God”, has made both the clear and conscious decision to live her life freely, boldly and yielded unto her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
2.                 She moves as poetry in motion and effortlessly gives off the fragrance and aroma of one who is God designed.
3.                 She’s full of wisdom, humility, and grace, and walks in the attributes of her Father.
4.                 She’s genuine, complete and unique with a style and flavor that is her very own.
5.                 Classy, sassy, smart, witty and sensitive are some of her best attributes, just to name a few, and no one else on this planet, can do what she’s been called to do.
6.                 She is indeed one of a kind, and her ability to multitask and get thing done will blow your mind.
7.                 She’s been blessed with the innate ability to rise above her circumstances to help others rise above theirs.
8.                 She trusts in her God, and values the gifts, talents and anointing she has been given. 
9.                 A Phenomenal Women In God is one who is both demonstratively, effectively and actively a reflection of the rock in which she has been hewn from.
10.            When I look at you, I see your Father, and you know what, that makes you Phenomenal!
By Evg. LeTonya Mays
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