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Evg. LeTonya Mays
This Evangelist is a diverse and multi-talented  woman of God, chosen for such a time as this.  She  is the Director and Founder  of  Amazing Life Ministries, a ministry  that's  geared  towards  the  equipping, encouraging  and empowering of men and woman of God through using everyday  applications and Kingdom principals.   This woman of God is also a Motivational Speaker,  Psalmist, an anointed Praise and Worship Leader,  an up and coming writer and Actress, who brings the Word  of  God  to life right before your eyes, the host of an internet radio show "Raise Your Praise",   and her latest endeavor is Amazing Life Magazine which is due to launch by years end.
 LeTonya  considers  herself  an  ordinary  woman, who trusts in an extraordinary God. Coming  from an  enriched family legacy  of men  and women  of God,  she endeavors  daily to be a viable tool  in   the  Master's  hands.   

Born, and raised in New York City, Evangelist  LeTonya  Mays  currently  works  for  a   New  York  City based Police  Department  Agency,  in  the  area  of  Communications. Once  formerly employed by the New York Police Department, she was one of the  spearheads  responsible  for  establishing  a  place  of prayer in the workplace  which   still    remains  today.  "It   is   everyone’s  right  to have  a  suitable  place  to  pray"  she  says, especially  in  the  area  of Police  Emergency and Communications.  In  an  eight - sixteen  hour tour period,   we  get   to  experience    firsthand     how  one  incident   can  forever change  people’s  lives.  Being  able  to  pray  and  be  fortified  for  the   situations we   face daily  not  only  helps  us  do  our  job  more  effectively,  but  it  helps  us  to  help  the  person  on  the other  end  of the phone  or  dispatching  console.  God   places  believers  in  places  where  His Light can shine brightly. Even in the midst of the storm or in the least likely of places".
On New Year’s Eve in 1989, while some were  getting ready for parties and family gatherings, LeTonya brought in  the new year on her knees asking  Jesus  to  become  her  personal  Lord and Savior. This change came about after discovering that  although she was brought up in the church, and  attended services on  a regular basis, she was yet and still destined for  eternal  separation  from God  because she didn't have an intimate relationship with the Lord. From there, she took off  running,  helping, distributing tracts,  singing,  witnessing,  praying  and ministering to all God sent her way.  Many have been blessed to hear her testimony of how the Lord literally saved and delivered her from struggles with depression, suicide, molestation, sexual assault, and  other abuses  through  her trust  and  faith  in God.  Everything LeTonya has gone through has worked together for her good, and to the glory of God. If you were to ask her to sum up the experiences of her past, she would reply, "In spite of all I've been through, my soul still cries out for greatness in God."
In 2005, the Lord  gave  her the  vision  for Amazing Life Ministries. It is through  this  vision that the above branches and extensions of  ministry were  birthed.  LeTonya has learned  how to turn her  hurts, disappointments, heartaches,  and  pain  into  power  so   the  body  of  Christ  will  be impacted, empowered, enlightened and edified.
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